Divorce Resilience: Ebb & Flow

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

What comes to mind and body when you hear the word RESILIENCE? Maybe synonyms like: Bouncing back, feeling new, recharging, revitalizing, elasticity, taking shape, coming back, original form.

It may seem absolutely crazy to consider resilience while you're going through separation or divorce, but why not give it a go.

What I love about resilience is that it holds physical descriptions. Somatically, our bodies will hold and show the qualities of resilience. You can learn to identify your bodies internal and external states during extreme stress, or a life crisis like divorce. When the stress is potent you can take note of your posture, your gut, your energy. Then you can notice contrasting moments of feeling normal, calm or like your self again.

Resilience is quite simply coming back to a normal state. So resilience is a good, safe place or state where you can experiment with your core personal excellence, your vital energy. I also want to mention that when your stress levels are high, is also a good time to play with resilience. Resilience does not merely exist in the calm states; it is not one way. Resilience is energy - energy that gets stuck and then gets unstuck and flows again.

In the next 72 hours, see if you can notice and keep track of your resiliency as it comes and goes. There is an ebb and flow with it, like ocean waves. Warning: This may require some quiet reflective time.

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