1-2-3 Resilience

3 ways you can experience a resilient state while dealing with the emotions of the divorce process or any uncomfortable, fearful, stressful process.

  1. Breathe: Directly and slowly breathe into your belly. Your gut nerves will carry this calming message to your brain and help you feel centered and strong enough.

  2. Spread the energy: Bring tension into your fingers and wiggle your toes. This helps spread and release some of the intense energy in stressFUL situations and help you be more focused and clear.

  3. Slow down: When responding or in “dialogue” with a former spouse apply the gut breath or spreading energy to help slow down the pace. When you slow down you are giving yourself a chance to make the best choices in that moment.

“Breathe and let be...” - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Take a little time to practice these techniques between and before engaging in situations that you know will activate your stress level. This is one way to increase your capacity for resilience. It’s all about getting back to a natural, balanced, normal state - from there, more is possible.

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