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more ABOUT me

Mediator | Coach | Writer | Trainer
"I am passionate about inspiring people to radically heal themselves as they go through a divorce."

I am a Mediator, Somatic Recovery Coach, and Writer with a Master’s in Somatic Counseling Psychology - Body Psychotherapy. I specialize in divorce.  My foundational ways of working with my clients include Somatic Awareness, Mindfulness, Yogic Philosophy, and Neuroscience.

My work and purpose include being here for you, helping you, guiding you, listening and creating with you.  Holding the light as you work through the dark areas and transitions of your life.  Divorce constitutes a major transition in life that requires you to understand yourself on a deeper level.  What you can expect when you work with me, is that you will look intentionally at your inner world to discover who you are beyond this circumstance or traumatic event.  Divorce wants you to become your own best friend.  Through our work together you will learn to nurture and love yourself back to wholeness.  Divorce challenges you to be responsible for all of your life.  It is here to show you the way to a life that transcends attachment, rejection, betrayal, or shame.

In addition to my education and practice, I have been engaged in my own deep intra-personal work for over 20 years with various Teachers, Coaches, and Psychotherapists.  Along the way, I have adopted the modalities that have brought me the most healing and creative expression.  These include yoga, collage art, plenty of hiking, laughter, nature, energy work, meditation, reading, and writing.  They have been integrated into my view of life, they are my natural way to the truth and inform how I work with my clients.

I have been referred to as "a gateway for others to begin their solo adventure after divorce."

Training + Education
  • Master's Somatic Counseling Psychology

  • Conflict Coach

  • Mediation Trainer and Coach

  • Basic and Advanced Mediation Certificates (24 hr)

  • Divorce Mediation Certificate (24 hr)

  • Best Selling Author x3

  • Gestalt Therapy Certificate

  • Reiki Level II Practitioner

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • Divorcee x3