Couple Meditating

healing + mediation together


EMBODIMENT is part of the Somatic system that offers alternative pathways to activating awareness, connection, expression, harmony, and healing in YOU...each of YOU...BOTH of YOU.

We are here on Earth, in physical form and that physical 3D form is the container of all our life experiences from womb to birth and into our full adult development and for some of us divorce is party of our experience.

The EMBODIED way invites you to connect with your body and every stage and layer of your programming. EMBODIMENT invites your Soul and your higher Self to be felt and to support your JOURNEY of ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS.

Every layer contains programming. Programming that was inherited from your ancestors and your most immediate family of origin (parents, care givers, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers, etc...).  Every step and movement of your development you were given information to help you survive this Earth journey.

So, how are you both doing? Are you surviving this separation?
No matter how you answer that, why would you only want to “survive”?
You may have the sense deep inside that you want to experience more than mere survival. But that voice is so faint and it’s hard to hear it over all the layers of separation and divorce.


If you are seeking alternative ways to divorce, you may have found "your way."

The Program Includes: Five Weeks of consciously healing, then Mediation for your full divorce process.


During the five weeks of conscious healing, you will be ending your relationship with intention. Time will spent exploring the past, present and your futures. You will reflect on yourself in the relationship, your partnership with each other, and how to move toward a new future with an open heart.

Week 1:  Each person receives a one on one session with me (1.5 hours).

Week 2:  Both of you engage in a session together with me (2.0 hours).

Week 3:  Each person receives a one on one session with me (1.0 hours).

Week 4:  Both of you together in a session (2.0 hours).

Week 5:  Both of you together in a session (2.0 hours).


Once the five weeks are complete you can move into the actual divorce stage of your process. As a Certified Collaborative Divorce Mediator, I will guide you through this process. It includes you both making choices about how to dissolve your assets, fill out your Separation Agreement, Parenting Plan and all other pertinent divorce paperwork. The time this takes depends on how quickly you can gather the information needed for this part of the process and for the Court's process. It can be as easy as a 2-hour mediation session, then filing and waiting for the Court processing time of 90+ days. All that business can happen inside the container the two of you created in the previous five weeks of healing.