IF you call yourself a Healer, or you are uncertain about it, or you are seeking to heal yourself and your life, this is the book for you.  I am proud to have written a chapter in this stunning collaboration that brings together so many modalities for healing your life.  Each Author provides sage advice and an exercise to help you on your way with whatever you are facing.  My contribution is titled Healer's Cocoon.  In it, I share how putting aside dedicated time for yourself to process and heal is an integral part of moving through traumatic life events, like divorce.  

You can get a paperback copy or Kindle version at Amazon.  



Your challenging experiences may have tried to keep you down, lock you up, and throw away the key—but you are designed to thrive! In this book, our authors fearlessly share 70 personal stories of transformation which prove that all breakdowns are breakthroughs. Their healing examples will help you rise above your limitations and encourage you to believe that anything is possible.


What You Will Find In This Book

  • Topics include: 
    depression, divorce, grief, spiritual awakening, trauma, fear, and releasing self-doubt.

  • Personal development questions for enrichment.

  • Blank journal pages for your transformative insights.

  • Author biographies list with contact information to support you on your journey.

Beyond happy and proud to be part of this publication!  My chapter on divorce tells a summary story of my third divorce.  It is the first time I am sharing that much, besides blog snippets.  I share it with love, compassion, and humor for me and you.