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Denver, CO

Colorado Springs, CO


Tel: 1-720-722-4159

True Direction




My goal is to change how couples experience divorce by advocating for resilience and peace in the process.









I specialize in being able to provide a calm, methodical, and clear process for couples in the throes of divorce.  

With a Master's in Somatic Counseling Psychology, I have a unique way of listening to both sides, both stories, and paying attention to what the stress of separation can do to couples and families.

I am also here for individuals who want to explore how to regain a sense of Self and move forward after divorce.  This is my personal love, the healing, and growth that is possible through separation and divorce.

Over time I discovered that there are stages of divorce that sometimes require a more diverse and dynamic approach.  My Mediation and Coaching approach is infused with clarity, valuable information, challenging questions, compassionate listening, and holding a space where both parties can be heard.  


How I Can

Help You

This package consists of eight sessions. It incorporates my favorite and most potent healing modalities. The structure includes a safe, structured, creative container f...
Heart + Soul Healing Package
8 hr