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My purpose is to change how individuals and couples experience divorce by advocating for truth, resilience, and peace in the process.

If you want to explore how to regain a sense of yourself and really move forward after divorce.  This is my personal passion.  I know first-hand how much healing and growth is possible through separation and divorce.

In 2014 I was living part-time in Boulder, CO and getting ready to graduate with my master's degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology.  I spent the last three years going back and forth between Los Angeles, CA and Colorado.  Working on my degree and then going home to be with my husband, friends, and family.  I was ready to graduate and get back to my CA life!  

Then in February 2014, my husband came for a weekend visit.  We were at dinner and I was chatting away about how great it will be to graduate and come home. 

The next words I heard from him were, "I'm attached to someone else."

The floor fell out.  I was feeling disembodied.  Not exactly sure what happened and not wanting to understand what he had said.  My brain was not fully functioning anymore.  Numb and not wanting to hear anymore.  We stood up to leave the restaurant and I said nothing till we arrived at the apartment. 

It took a long time, years in fact, to recover from that night.  I focused all my attention on healing my heart and soul. 


ready to commit to your healing?

This package consists of ten sessions. It includes my favorite and most potent healing modalities. I provide a safe, creative container for you to dive into and recover...
Heart + Soul Healing Package
8 hr

Denver Area, CO

Lakewood, CO​​

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